March 28th, 2014 by Josh Palma

Got out and rode with Scott a couple weeks ago and he seems to be getting pretty comfortable on his new Slingshot deck. It’s not everyday you see someone warmup during a winter set with a boosted mute cab 9 off the double up. Kid rips. (All photos by Cortese)


Shoes or flops: Shoes, gotta skate!

On a flight, aisle or window: Aisle. Be free to get up and stretch whenever.

Snow or skate: Both, have to do them both!

Call or text: Call. It’s much quicker, and usually clearer.

Tech or spins: Both

Flex board or traditional: Wood is good!!

Land wrapped or pass: Whatever feels best at the time

Regular or goofy: Goofy usually

Contests or freeride: Freeride at the moment

1080s or double flips: Doubles

Lake or ocean: Lake

South Florida or Orlando: South Florida. Best of both, have great lakes, but right by the beach. Great skate scene!

Wakes or kickers: Wakes all day

Animated film or romantic comedy: Animated. Just saw the Croods, loved it!



5 Responses to “This or That: Scott Stewart”

  1. robert tsopelas Says:

    Such an amazing rider

  2. diane troup Says:

    So awesome!

  3. Judge Troup Says:

    Very cool

  4. boomsmack Says:

    he should do more contests

  5. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Very cool guy glad to witness his come up


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