Photo: Garrett Cortese

Cable or boat: Boat, but both are fun.

Aisle or window: Window

Land wrapped or pass: Hmmm…depends on the trick. I usually pass though.

Contests or freeriding: Freeride!!! I wakeboard because I love how it makes me feel, not because I want to stand on a podium.

Car or truck: Truck, but only because I need it to tow my boat.

Traditional or flex board: There is nothing better than flex when it’s done right. Don’t write off flex boards just because you borrowed a friend’s board one time and it didn’t work for you. I almost did that.

Call or text: Call

Lake or ocean: If there is surf, then I’ll definitely take the ocean. I’m moving to Jupiter, FL at the end of summer and I’ll have the lake and the ocean within 10 minutes of each other. I can’t wait.

Skate or snow: Snow

On a plane, book or music: Book. I’m flying to Latvia next week. Any recommendations?

Dogs or cats: Dogs


Sean showing us how a tail roll to blind should be done.  Photo: Garrett Cortese