Cortese pic

Tom just got home to Texas after yet another win on the cable wakeboard circuit, this time in Germany. The dude has so many giant checks from cable contests around the globe that Liquid Force is now making him a custom 5 foot wallet that has wheels like a boardbag. If we can suggest one thing to all you Texans, make sure you don’t get stuck behind this guy at the bank…


Sand or Snow: Most definitely sand, it’s also my ladies favorite as well.


Laptop or Desktop: Laptop. Even though I have a real office, 90 % of the time I am mobile.


Shoes or Sandals: I prefer shoes…Only girls should be allowed to wear thongs.


Boat or Winch: Both, It’s too nice in Texas for both of these aspects to pick just one.

Tom on the Wake. Cortese Pic

MTV or VH1: VH1, just because of Jersey shore. Haha.


Gaga or Beyonce: Beyonce, because I’m certain she’s a woman. Still not convinced with Gaga, especially after the VMA’s a few nights ago.


Rap or Rock: I’m definitely a hip hop fan, but you just can’t go rap over classic rock…Especially the “deep tracks” channel on Sirius radio


Angry Birds or Tiny Wings: Angry Birds! It’s more addicting than crack, at least I think so…wouldn’t know for sure haha. Plus there are way more versions of Angry Birds than there are of Tiny Wings.


Delta or American Airlines: Delta, just because I have the best status with them. Although, did you know that D-E-L-T-A stands for “doesn’t ever leave the airport?”


Beer or Liquor: Beer…man, Lone Star! I’m such a textbook Texan.


NFL or NBA: NFL. I have Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy team, so you know I’m going to kill it this season!


Hurricane or Drought: Drought, just because we get this tube shoot on the river to create a clean face to surf all day and night, summer or winter


Tom riding the endless wave minutes from home on the San Marcos River, TX. FB pic


Aisle or Window: Window. This 5’5″ frame of mine can actually lay down in that corner on those international flights. I fly coach well at this height.


One piece or Two: Definitely two piece, It’s either going to be good to look at, or funny to laugh about.  Im going to go to hell for that one huh?


Nail it or Screw it: Screw it. Love to drill deep.


Backside or Frontside: Backside, I like booty.


Facebook or Twitter: This is a close one, but FB, good place to consume time at airports


Mojito or Sex on the Beach: Neither, Tequila Shots are my preference, they are not nearly as girly


Dogs or Cats: Dogs, got one of my own, might be my most prized possession if that is considered one


Sour or Sweet: Sweet, I mean come on, is a girl eating a pickle attractive?