Candy: Sour or Sweet?
Sour. Only because I find myself buying sour patch kids a lot more often then a chocolate bar.

Vacation: Snow or Sand?
Sand for sure. I am a Florida boy at my very core so I can only handle a couple days of snow before I start to freak out.

Shoes or Sandals?
Shoes. I do enjoy a nice pair of flops but majority of the time I am rolling with shoes for some ankle support.

Aisle or Window?
As long as it’s not a middle seat I’m ok with it, but for the sake of answering the question I’ll go with window.

Fishing or Hunting:
Hunting. I really enjoy both but living on the lake I get to fish all the time so if I am given the chance I’ll go hunting.

Bowling or Golf?
Golf. I was in a bowling league with Ben Greenwood a couple years ago and we would tear up the Clermont lanes, but recently I have got the golf bug. I love being outside so golf is a great game for me!

The Real Housewives: New Jersey or Orange County?
I don’t understand the question. My wife’s name is Kaley and she is from Lake County.

Internet or Television:
Internet. We wouldn’t be able to do this interview via television now would we?

Facebook or Myspace:
Facebook. I never opened a myspace account. I will say that I do prefer twitter though.

Toyota: Prius or Tundra
Haha! Well, if your going to go foreign you might as well save some money on gas by going with the Prius, but with that being said, I love my Chevrolet Silverado.

Gillette or Schick:
Whoever sponsors Wakestock in Canada. They give out enough free samples to last me until I go there again the next year. I think its Schick.

NBA because of the Orlando Magic. I have been watching the Magic my whole life and love that team. I do love me some football though…

V-Neck or Crew Neck:
I own mostly crew neck but I do like a nice deep V! Tank tops are where it’s at though it’s too hot for sleeves in Florida.