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REPUBL1C WAKEPARK and CWC are proud to present a new film by Patrick Wieland called “THIS TIME AROUND.” 9 Riders spend 2 weeks in Wakeboarding Paradise. The Philippines plays host to two of the worlds greatest cable parks Republ1c WakePark and CWC.

Starring: Shredtown, Daniel Grant, James Windsor, Dylan Miller, Olivier Derome, Manu Rupp and Jeff Mckee.

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25 Responses to “This Time Around: Full Movie”

  1. Steve Says:

    Awesome! Great job to everyone involved and made it happen. You guys are living the dream!

  2. douche Says:

    Pretty sick Mckee and Wieland.

  3. dude Says:

    Such a sick opening with manu and windsor…then dylan and mckee? why are these guys still in videos? at least it ended with oli and DG. Sick edit but eventually a r2r and straight backlip wont keep up with grabbed 9s double rolls and the crazy rail hits..such a great edit though

  4. chad Says:

    dude if you can’t appreciate a backlip you should probably stick to trick skiing or rollerblading…

    Nice work Wieland.

  5. Daniel Says:

    Awesome work fellas. Loved the docu-style edit and learning about the parks over there.

    Had to have been a blast to be a part of.

    Now to decide between the new RADs/shred town boots…ha!

  6. dude Says:

    backlip is sick, 4:08… jeff is a great guy and so is dylan, but its a completely different style and level…Still, this is probably my favorite cable vid! perfect Weiland

  7. Chris Says:

    Sick video, great filming…. But can we all agree that tail presses into and out of everything look wack? Is it just me? Do they issue tail presses with pro forms?
    At least the tap dancing thing is done

  8. Jamie Graff Says:

    Great Film Patrick! Extremely well shot, loved the grading all around great story and riding! Can’t wait for the next one. p.s. we need to colab on a project.

  9. joe Says:

    Why was McKee in this? oh wait He probably managed the film…

  10. hmm Says:

    McKee with the frontside tailblunt through the kink back to regular and boardslide melon boardslide. Awesome stuff. Dylan Miller’s new small stance looks amazing, Oli should take note. Daniel Grant destroys.

  11. Ricketts Says:

    seriously? Dylan had the best slingshot part, the rest zeached their way through. I am tired of seeing pre-spinning, tap dancing and 45 degree presses.

  12. thisguy Says:

    Sick edit and some really creative rail setups although it would have been cool to see some air tricks thrown into the mix especially when you feature guys as talented as Daniel and Windsor. There is a whole lot more to wake park riding than just the features, step up! Thanks for the film Pat!

  13. Northeast Riders Says:

    Northeast Riders gives a shout out to the crew of This Time Around for another stomped edit #stomped

  14. Bigwake Says:

    Such a good vid! I know most the guys stick to rails because they can’t do air tricks but it would of been good to see a few hammers from Grant and Windsor!

  15. hmm Says:

    tailpresses are legit.

  16. Colin Says:

    great job. fun to watch!

  17. bro Says:

    Nice editing! Air tricks suck thats y they’re not in there

  18. Jimmy Says:

    Really loved it. Makes me want to get out of this snow and into the summer

  19. Jodi Arias Says:

    Any way I can get the Slingshot guys numbers? I’m single now…..

  20. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Millers back lip through the kink was prime! Haters gon hate, Shredder gon shred! Who’s side are you on?

  21. shredtown Says:

    The song for the Shredtown section could not have been a better fit.

  22. dood Says:

    d millers part is super swelll!! totally killer.

  23. Yoyo Says:

    Obviously, North America is the unique place where people didn’t understand that the maximum stance is the best way to have a bit of style.

    But sick edit though, Windsor and Grant killing it.

  24. kyle Says:

    any way we can get some song names?

  25. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Sick video, everyones part was awesome. STOKED to see no airtricks… so refreshing. Cant wait to see more of James winsor now thats hes on a slingshot!


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