January 24th, 2013 by Submitted

Were not throwing it way back for this week’s Throw Back Thursday but we are going back 5 years for this little gem. Theres nothing you can’t love about this section from Keith Lyman in Oakley’s Push Process.

7 Responses to “Throw Back Thursday: Keith Lyman Push Process Section”

  1. garrettcortese Says:

    Rippage. Thanks for all the good times, Keith!

  2. stokeboner Says:

    imagine if lyman were around to ride behind the new G23 or XStar… that’s major stokeboner material

  3. bonerboner Says:

    Best video section in wakeboarding

  4. Scott Stewart Says:

    Real, Legit, Respect.

  5. blake Says:

    i couldnt tell if he was regular or goofy for a little. almost think the back board same way 270 off was more gnar than the back lip same way 270 off and thats my favorite trick

  6. Son Ha Says:

    whats that trick called at 3:40?

  7. Smithy Says:

    Ole 540 at 3:40. Kieth always took that trick large


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