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If you have never seen Parks Bonifay’s section in 12 Honkeys then you really blowing it…. If you have then maybe you will enjoy this little throw back to the good old days.

12 Responses to “Throw Back Thursday: Parks Bonifay in 12 Honkeys”

  1. Fred savage Says:

    Hhaha love it ! good times right there!

  2. Nice Says:

    Pretty crazy how huge and how tech he went all those years back, and it’s all so raw. It looks like half of that stuff is being landed for the first time on the first try. I vote for Randall’s Natural Born Thrillaz section to run for next week’s throw back. After that, everyone should witness Byerly in High Wake Drifters. The oriental to fall at the end is classic – he makes crashing look cool.

  3. Derek Cook Says:

    one of the best sections ever!

  4. Scott Stewart Says:

    One of the best, if not the best! True riding

  5. steveP Says:

    A favorite for sure!

  6. Joseph Shipka Says:

    Still able to throw double rolls, and 10’s with surfboard fins. Remember how much it use to hurt to land in the flats with super thin footbeds?

  7. Justin H. Says:

    It shares a lot of the same footage, but I like the look and feel of his section in Hype better (also a sidewayz film). If you haven’t seen it, it is worth a check.

    +1 on the Randall “Natural Born Thirllaz”.

  8. Jake Sonnevelt Says:

    Man I want to ride now!
    re entry back 5 is so sick!
    Bring back some videos with a story line, 12 Honkeys was greatness

  9. Rob Says:

    Brings back so many memories. Parks is the man. Wish I could get all the oldies (May Day, Spray, 12 Honk, Nat Born Thrill, High Wake)on redone HD. Check out Murray’s section in MAY DAY

  10. GC Says:

    Rob, check this out… most of the videos you’re looking for are on this site on DVD

  11. dustfarter Says:

    So gnarly! Crappy board, crappy bindings and small wakes. His riding was amazingly progressive for that era.

  12. bro Says:

    keep these coming! gives perspective + mad respect. epic section!


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