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Something a little different for Throwback Thursday. With the winter Olympics around the corner, we’ll all start seeing a little more of Mark McMorris. Believe it or not, the kid used to shred on a wakeboard. Here’s Dylan Miller, Craig McMorris and Mark McMorris shredding on the Alameda Dam in south east Saskatchewan Canada over 3 years ago.

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6 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: A Day at the Dam”

  1. boner Says:

    That’s the widest I’ve ever seen Dylans stance. And Mark could have gone pro … Forget snowboarding…its much warmer behind the boat!

  2. Dyllon Hubscher Says:

    Stoked to see this video make it on Alliance, Sure miss seeing the McMorris bros out at the Canadian Wake Nationals each year. Definitely some good laughs out of those guys!

    Cant wait for Sochi to come, and see them light it up this year!

    If you haven’t seen… check out Mark and Craig’s new show on MTV- McMorris and McMorris definitely worth a watch.

  3. Sam Says:

    Should be titled “ creator and co-founders go for a shred”

  4. Steve Gould Says:

    i like to usually be positive but after watching this i have now quit both sports, goodbye

  5. listen up Says:

    if that was the so called WAKEZEACH “creater and co-founders”, then open your eyes people…they shred waaay harder than you kooks, plus they kill it at actual legit sports so listen up and stop zeaching. they know whats good for you and the sport

  6. boner Says:

    zeach is now the most played out term in wakeboarding. congratulations to all the losers who contributed


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