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This is one of the many sections Sidewayz filmed with Darin Shapiro. Darin was never afraid to ride hard for the cameras. The Sidewayz crew used to always tell him how amazing Murray just rode, or what crazy trick Parks just landed. That would get him amped to go show what he could do. This was shot with 16mm on reversal stock.

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16 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Darin Shapiro – Six Pack”

  1. AB Says:

    forever legend to me ..

  2. Skinny Pete Says:

    For one reason or another, always a somewhat polarizing figure in wake. Regardless, few if any have ever matched his combination of amplitude and technicality. By far and away one of the best ever.

  3. Justin H. Says:

    If you don’t own “10,000 Miles of Film”, you need it for your collection.

    I always forget how hard Shapiro hits the wake. Still unmatched.

  4. Novapull Says:

    Forgive the ignorance but why was he polarizing?

  5. shadow puppet Says:

    #armssolong #legssoshort

  6. Jrod Says:

    Some loved him, some hated him, but the guy could compete. He knew how to win and won a lot. He dominated the competitive scene in the early days of wake like Parks and Danny did in the early 2000’s, and like Phil, Rusty, and Harley do now. Some say he lacked style, others argued his amplitude and aggression was a style in itself. The dude went hard, you cannot argue with that.

  7. M ace Says:

    Loving the throwback thursdays. Keep ‘em coming!

  8. Michael Williams Says:

    Heard some rumors that he is riding again and killing it. He is supposedly going to compete next year. That would be awesome.

  9. Novapull Says:


    Thanks Man. Anyone who throws a tantrum to blind that far into the flats with that kind of height is a beast. The impact on every trick in the video is a knee buster. Really fun to watch. Even he himself looks like you wouldn’t want to mess with him.

  10. Novapull Says:

    Also i he does a double front flip! We see a lot of double (cab) back rolls and tantrums but never front flips off the big wakes and kickers. I also wonder why that is, are they harder? I don’t do front flips myself so i have no idea about their difficulty.

  11. Thomas Says:

    Long hair and he would be competition for todays riders. Soo sick!

  12. Shaun Moore Says:

    Having the fortune of watching Darin freeride back in the day at Chet’s old place or Okee was insane. The dude just straight killed it, you could feel the boat sway back and forth when he was cutting and he wanted to take everything as far into the flats as he could. My jaw hit the floor a few times while riding with Darin, the guy was on another level.

  13. wow Says:

    1:19 holy shit a banger for that time


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  15. Jules Lupowitz Says:

    Thanks Darin Shapiro, for setting examples for so many riders. Thank you entirely for setting an ultimate example for me! You’re definitely the dude with the biggest heart!

  16. Julius Lupowitz Says:

    Hey all you young (younger than 50 ish) ladies! Free from that X now, Jules is available (by appt only, what with busy schedules of high-end attorneys on line for interview) !! And for those “in-shape” hotties who appreciate security and maturity, who is this guy named Jules? Well maybe not who but “what” was, is and will be Jules. First of all he’s not so self-absorbed as this may seem. Nope, it’s only a posting to clarify for those curious that Jules Lupowitz is a bit deeper than a silly method of bypassing unfairness (a ticket). Notwithstanding a competitor’s (business) attacks upon his presence on the net (targeting the “net” reputation), any of you who know Jules also know he’ll kibitz quite a bit. Squirting a little “Liquid Ass” which is an effective gag, fart scent liquid, onto inadvertent locations at OWC? Over the line? Oh for KRISE-SAKE its gone in a few minutes! Sure Jules can ride wakes and cables, not as great you super riders… Now while apologizing for using this forum, if any of you wish to smile a little more here please request a story or two from this misunderstood soul; they’re veritably true.


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