May 2nd, 2013 by alliance

Throwback Thursday: Innuendo – The Closer
Innuendo documents the travels of wakeboarders Danny Harf, Ben Greenwood, Collin Wright, and wakeskaters Aaron Reed and George Daniels, as they set off on a cross country adventure to find new spots to do what they all love; Wakeboard and Wakeskate.

6 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Innuendo – The Closer”

  1. g west Says:

    One of my favorite movies in my collection!

  2. mitch Says:


  3. pat Says:

    alliance, you’re the best. along with benny g and colin’s ghost-ride-tha-whip scene

  4. chad Says:

    AVE for ever!

  5. Carnie Says:

    Shit yeah! Such a good vibe

  6. Lknwake Says:

    what year was this?


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