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We can remember sitting in the Orlando movie theater watching Transgression for the first time at the premiere many years ago. The music was great, the cinematography was top notch, and the riders were impressive. Keith Lidberg was one of those athletes and this is his part. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Keith Lidberg in Transgression”

  2. robby Says:

    I hope Keith gets re-motivated this year. wakeboarding misses him. he’s such a good rider and genuine dude that the younger guys can look up to. It would be cool to see a new web edit of him soon!

  3. chad Says:

    some of Ron’s best work

  4. Josh Says:

    I second Robby. Where has keith been? One of the original Projects crew. The dude who made it a thing to learn everything regular as well as switch. I would even say he was one of the first to make rail riding a separate thing. Land gaps and back tail taps, long live the berg!

  5. Dylan Justice Says:

    I wish every day could be throwback thursday

  6. Reeder Says:


  7. Sydney Christ Says:

    Keith is out at ODUB all the time, and he’s just as smiley and funny as ever. He’s been in some videos as well. Permacation comes to mind. He’s not off the radar or anything. He’s just a little older now.

  8. YNOT Says:


  9. jt Says:

    wish the full speed video of him transferring the gator rail at the projects was posted. that was so gnarly…probably hit it going 30 mph

  10. Dan Lay Says:

    One of the best rail hits of all times.


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