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The throwbacks keep rolling in. This week we take a look back at Keith Lyman’s section from Such is Life. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Keith Lyman in Such is Life”

  1. Busch Says:

    This doesn’t do keith justice. Hard to watch with its shaky filming and fast cut clips. filming expectations have come a long way but keiths riding is timeless.

  2. Klaus Says:

    @Busch, I think you just missed the opportunity to stay quiet.
    The only thing I can say to you is: go study a little bit. Watch Such is Life.

  3. Zak Says:

    What he said ^

  4. Jared H. Says:

    Man that was sick! Can anybody tell me what those 3 moves were called from 1:14 to 1:21?

  5. bobby digi Says:

    looks like a whirly bird with a nuclear grab

  6. novapull Says:

    Busch not need to apologise i tend to agree with you being someone who has come on the scene later in its life. I loved watching Keith in the oakley push process and would rather remember his riding from a movie like that versus this video’ style. His riding is great in both of course. Just a matter of video style preference really.

  9. Busch Says:

    @Klaus I own the movie and its hard to sit through. Not the riding, but the filming like I stated. Watching it over again to study it will only make me reassure myself that I get a headache.

    I’d watch a kilgus produced part any day over this. Go study Bent Felix or The Butter Effect and maybe you will see what I’m talking about.

  10. SNF Says:

    @Busch I can’t believe you would rather watch a Kilgus movie than something from sidewayz. Sidewayz have produced some of the best wake flicks ever(12 honkeys, all or nothing…) and Kilgus is doing the same thing as brain farm… At least sidewayz tried to be orignal in their movies. I rather watch Such is life over DEFY or Bent Felix anytime.

  11. jamie Says:

    Not everyone has an appreciation for editing that is a little more creative or artistic. it’s the same thing with linear perspective. lots of visual effects and non-traditional editing in wake, and it’s like people love it or hate it.

    Ron’s the man. i love this vid and keith had a killer section.

  12. Getoff Sidenglasz's nuts Says:

    Klaus and SNF are such hipsters. I suppose y’all would like it if Keith wore a fedora in all his lifestyle shots and the whole thing was shot in black and white. Enjoy your Starbucks.

  13. Kyle Says:

    @getoffsidenglanznuts I think you’re missing their point. They don’t like the shaky filming and fast cuts and I agree. This has nothing to do with Keith and what they want in his segment. It’s simply about how shaky the filming is. It’s really a simple fix when filming. Hold the camera steadier, pull the shot out a little bit, and use a frame rate of 30 or above.

    I’ll have to agree that Such As Life had a weird vibe to it with the attempt at getting emotion out of the viewer by using timelapses of abandoned buildings but it just didn’t do it for me. All in all very different styles between sideways, Stephens, and BFY.

  14. Chris D. Says:

    Keith is a legend, and his riding style was so timeless that today it still stands high above the majority of pro riders who lack his originality. One of the pioneers of free-riding, Such Is Life was way ahead of its time, and is still a refresh for tomorrow’s inspiration.


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