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This section was inspired by style rider Shawn Watson. Sean Kilgus sat down with Hef from Billabong and went over some cool ideas for a fun rail to build. After a few trials and drawings Watson came up with doing this stunt off his neighbors garage. Once he approached his neighbor Dave Dowell, he was not only given permission, but Dave built the rail and made it happen. This was an amazing stunt that truly showed me the possibilities of rail riding and its applications. Special shout out to Shane Bonifay, who went on to win video section of the year for his participation on this rail!

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7 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: The Pointless Gap from The Butter Effect”

  1. pointlessvideocampaign Says:

    Hardly the first time anyone has suggested this, but these guys seriously need to do the sport a solid and spend some time focused on filming together before they can’t do it anymore. They should do a tour: Alfred, Holden, Hiawassee, Radar and Powell. They should invite special old school guest appearances like Murray, Shapiro and Byerly. It would be all-time. There you go Kilgus – make it happen. Maybe see if you can get Ronn involved. Thanks.

  2. Bryan Says:

    The good ole days

  3. Bryan Swarm Says:

    brings me back, love it.

  4. dan Says:

    Im so down with the campaign… Get pointless together before Danny is on the PGA, Watson owns a strip club, Chad is on espn fishing, Ruck is on tour with a zeppelin cover band… i can’t think of what the rest will do. The bonifays will still be wake boarding.

  5. Zach Winch Says:

    I concur x a bagillion! Been asking for another pointless film for a hot minute now!

  6. ! Says:

    This song sucks ass

  7. Really? Says:

    As Bryan said “the good ole days.” Other than Harf there’s no one in the pointless crew that i’d care to watch ride anymore. These guys were pioneers and sick to watch but aren’t really pushing riding anymore. Most of them were probably in their peak during the mixtape days (harf being the exception). Granted some of them are trying to grow wakeboarding in their respective ways but i think Kilgus and other filmers shouldn’t be wasting their time on a project like the one mentioned above. These guys are in their 30’s now, let’s pass the torch, and not live in the past.


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