November 30th, 2010 by Patrick Wieland
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Marc Rossiter….

Song: Thunderbird- Golden Filter

Marc Rossiter….
Song: Thunderbird- Golden Filter

15 Responses to “ThunderBurd”

  1. England Says:

    is proud

  2. Jeff Mathis Says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaah, dude kills it. good to see some wake stuff too.

  3. Chris Hopf Says:


  4. Chris Hopf Says:


  5. DOpe Says:

    Awesome video. Loving all the angles

  6. Reeder Says:

    Rossiter is the titties!

  7. Teleprompted Anthems Says:

    Those shots from under the rail were so sick…two thumbs up…

  8. santa Says:

    its crazy how much more is possible when strapped.

  10. Zak Stone Says:

    Real nice Edit P! Marc doppest dope!

  12. Josh Robinson Says:

    Yeah dudes! Dopey dope dope, both of you.

  13. Karen Rossiter Says:


  14. Grasso Says:

    Yeah MArc !! making bootin look good !

    shred on Roomi !

  15. Dario Diana Says:

    nice riding.!.. song name?


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