ABILENE, TX  – Tigé Boats, Inc. is pleased to announce U.S. International Diesel Israel Ltd. has joined the worldwide network of authorized Tigé dealerships.

US International Diesel Israel Ltd., located in Jerusalem, is the largest importer dealership in Israel and will serve current and future Tigé owners throughout Israel.  Their first Tigé load is currently in production and is scheduled to arrive at their dealership in June.  The Global Tigé Ride Day, in connection with the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge, will be scheduled in June in time for the new Tigé arrivals.  This will give everyone an opportunity to drive a Tigé and ride the Tigé wake everyone is talking about.

“Israel is aqua-loving and has the perfect weather for watersports and boating”, said Asaf Cohen, CEO of US International Diesel.  “Wakeboarding is very popular and a sport that has gained speed and progress in our country is wake surfing.  Tige Boats creates the best wakes in the industry for surfing and wakeboarding and we are very excited to introduce them to the Israel market.”

For more details about Tigé Boats or to set up a test drive, call +972-74-701-6273 or 631.737.7050 or email to sales@israelmarineparts.com

Tigé Boats is an independent, design-driven company, celebrating 21-years of uncompromising boat design.  Tigé produces a unique product line ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length, supporting a dealer network serving 14, now 15, countries, including United States and Canada.  Want more Tigé? Get your fix at Tige.com

Contact Info:  U.S. International Diesel Israel Ltd., 23/4 Homtoren, Pisgatzeev, Jerusalem, 631.737.7050, sales@israelmarineparts.com,

Showroom address:  U.S. International Diesel Israel, Habrigada Hayehudit ,Israel, +972-74-701-6273, +973-05-887-7955