Tige MyWake Video: Video of the Year – Wakeboard – JD Webb

The Tigé MyWake Global Challenge continues to roll along and “Video of the Year” submissions are coming in hot! Take JD Webb’s submission for example. Tons of style and some massive hammers including a Wrapped Toe Back 9 wake to wake. For more info about the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge check out mywake.tige.com

7 Responses to “Tige MyWake Video: Video of the Year – Wakeboard – JD Webb”

  1. chad Says:

    switch method should equal automatic victory in any and all boardsports

  2. Josh Says:

    damn, that was so good. easily the best section I’ve seen in a long time. Style and bangers.

  3. nice Says:


  4. semora local Says:

    sick! keeping boat cool

  5. jon Says:

    I have given JD a fair share of grief over the past several years. Which he deserved at the time. But that was awesome.

  6. Elliott Says:

    Way dope JD! w2w toe 10!?!?! stomped it dude.

  7. wakeboard for fun Says:

    yup that riding was way cooler than before. got me motivated!


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