Tige MyWake Videos: Towed Rail Trick – Wakeskate

Here’s another group of hammers from the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge in the wakeskate “Towed Rail Trick” category. Yan Lecomte, George Daniels, Reed Hansen, Dieter Humpsch, and Marcus Knox putting in work. For more info about the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge check out mywake.tige.com

2 Responses to “Tige MyWake Videos: Towed Rail Trick – Wakeskate”

  1. jeff Says:

    Tricks were sick, editing and videos were awful. The trick clips were 2-3 seconds and the ads were 30-35 seconds, set to terrible club remix music, no replays of the tricks. I understand Tige sponsoring a contest and needing to throw their logo in there, but do it better–make us actually want to watch the clips and therefore vote. Booooo.

  2. peanut gal Says:

    im with jeff, good riding but the videos suck. Marcus and George outta that group…i think marcus takes it though.


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