Tigé Boats, Inc. is proud to announce that its 2008 line will feature Wet Sounds speaker components, the world’s most innovative marine speaker system.  With the latest research and audio components Wet Sounds has created the most technologically advanced marine audio speakers in the world.  Tigé Boats, Inc. is exclusively using Wet Sounds marine audio for our factory speakers of choice for our 2008 boat line. 
“Wet Sounds is extremely proud to be partnered with Tigé,” stated Tim White, President of Wet Sounds. “The combination of Tigé’s cutting edge boat designs and the state of the art technology in Wet Sounds speakers bring together a truly innovative boating experience.  Pushing the envelope in both performance and style.” 
Wet Sounds audio produces a mind altering difference that will rock the rider at an 80’ line.  The difference is in the acoustical engineering.  Created by Wet Sounds HLCD which is a specially designed horn built specifically for marine application.  This dispersion of sound projects over passengers in the boat and back to the rider dispersing sound on either side of the wake.  With its accurate mid-bass reproduction and loud high frequency response, this will certainly “Inspire Your Ride at 80 feet and beyond.”