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The Lake Ronix crew continues to push out sick edits including this new one from rider, filmer, editor Todd Watson.

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11 Responses to “Todd Watson at Lake Ronix”

  1. yo yo Says:

    whats the song?

    dopeass edit. loved every bit of it

  2. KP Says:


  3. Steve Gould Says:

    todd is one heavy hombre, keep ripping bro

  4. Timmy Says:

    So So Sick!!! Way to go, awesome edit!!! #lakeronix

  5. wakeboardSTL Says:

    That’s some heavy sh!t right there. Yeah Todd!

  6. wakeboarder Says:

    good stuff! kinda strange filler footy but all the riding is entertaining

  7. Riley Says:


  8. Alex Graydon Says:

    Nicely done Todd. Love the edit.

  9. Moby Says:

    sloppy, lazy poor riding. the hits off of the incline were somewhat impressive. the b roll was random and made no sense. what a waste of riding time at lake ronix! those obstacles could be epic but not with this clown at the helm.

  10. Mike Braaten Says:

    some sick hits on the incline. lake ronix looks dope. ya man.

  11. Gabo Says:

    Rawwwww! Killing it as always


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