Sequence: Cortese

I think that if you were to ask most pro riders they would all say the same thing about a Toeside 360: It is the most fun 360 you can do on a wakeboard. There are so many different ways to do a toe side 360. You can grab it pretty much anywhere with either your front or back hand. The toe side 360 is the easiest 360 to make look really cool and unique to your riding style.

Here are some of the things that you will want to work on before you start trying the toe side 3. First make sure you can do a solid and controlled toe 180. Practice doing your toe side wake jumps and then starting to turn your 180 about half way through the jump. This will help you control the start of your 360 so that you don’t spin to early and go off your axis. It is also really important to be able to land a switch back side 180 with comfort and control. Try doing the switch back side 180’s off the inside out. Being able to land in that position comfortably is very important for the toe side 3.


1. Game time. Take a wide approach. Edge in with a slow to medium cut.


2. Ride up to the top of the wake and make sure that you stand tall with your chest up. (also make sure you puff your cheeks out like I did. If you don’t you’re doing it wrong)


3. Don’t try to spin right off the top of the wake. You want to get up in the air first and then pull the handle to your back hip to begin your rotation. (If you are going to grab the board remember that no matter where you are going to grab bring the board up to you. Don’t lean over to far to get to the board bring it up to your hand)


4. Notice how I am already 3 feet off the wake and I haven’t started to spin yet. You don’t need to be in a hurry to get your self spinning just stay relaxed and in control and do the 180 first then worry about the 3


5. Grab


6. Start pulling the handle across your body and towards your back hip.


7. Once the handle come across. Start to turn your head away from the boat to continue your rotation.


8. Take the hand that is on the handle and try to place the back of your hand into the small of your back.


9. Keep turning your head and try to look straight out in front of you with your eyes up (I realize that I didn’t do this but I did it wrong)


10. Once you come all the way around stay relaxed and pass the handle keeping your eyes up and out in front of you. Bend your knees and ride away!


Once you land a couple try throwing a grab on your new 360. You can grab it just about anywhere and with either hand. Just figure out which grab is the most comfortable for you and try that one.

Have fun shredding!

— Trevor Hansen