Wasaga Beach, CAN. – 26 of the world’s best wakeskaters challenged today for the wake event qualifier at the Rockstar Wake Jam in Wasaga Beach, Canada for stop number three of the Toe Jam Wakeskate Tour.

Danny Hampson, Nick Taylor and Brian Grubb posted the top scores of the day in decent water conditions behind the Air Nautique 210. Hampson had a stellar first pass including a wake-to-wake frontside big spin and wake-to-wake switch shove. Taylor surprised everyone when he almost landed a wrapped toeside backside nosegrab 360, a trick that has never been landed before, to cap off his clean two passes. “First one I’ve ever tried,” said Taylor, who was intending to do a wrapped toeside backside nosegrab 180. “I just got flung in the air and it came around.” It’s likely Taylor will be able to land that move in the future. Grubb also landed two clean and stylish passes and is looking forward to Saturday’s main event. “Today was real fun, I just wanted to keep riding.”

The top 16 riders qualified for the Wake Final on Saturday. Friday’s action consists of a bonus Rail Park Event, to be pulled by the Sea-Doo Wake Edition PWC.

Supporting this leg of the tour is presenting sponsor Rockstar Energy Drink, plus O‘Neill, Nike 6.0, Oakley, Gator Boards, Correct Craft, Sea-Doo, Coors Light, Samsung, Zune, Duprex, and Canadian media partner, SBC. Reef/Moxie and the Musoka Militia are serving as event producers to help deliver the highest attended wakeskate event in history.

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Rail Park Final
Friday, August 22, 2008
10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Rockstar Wake Final
Saturday, August 23, 2008
10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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QUALIFYING RESULTS – Thursday August 21st, 2008
Toe Jam Tour Stop #3 – Wasaga Beach, Canada
Wakeskate (all levels) Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 01 Qualifying Round Heat #: 05
1 Reed, Aaron 70.00 1 Shinn, Stuart USA 60.00
2 McMorris, Mark 43.33 2 Cambell, Steven USA 50.00
3 Mulvaney, Patrick USA 30.00 3 Hicks, Brady CAN 20.00
4 Gibbons, Gib USA 16.67
Wakeskate (all levels) Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 02 Qualifying Round Heat #: 06
1 Roberts, Grant USA 78.33 1 Hansen, Reed USA 76.67
2 Engen, Jeff USA 63.33 2 Kallas, Chris AUS 53.33
3 Bailey, Tom 43.33 3 Fara, Addison 26.67
4 Yarbrough, Ouri USA 25.00
Wakeskate (all levels) Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 03 Qualifying Round Heat #: 07
1 Bowlby, Keaton USA 63.33 1 Taylor, Nick USA 80.00
2 Boysin, Scott CAN 63.33 2 Balzer, James CAN 60.00
3 Gardner, Ross USA 30.00 3 Lecombe, Yan CAN 51.67
4 Harlos, Nick 20.00
Wakeskate (all levels) Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 04 Qualifying Round Heat #: 08
1 Hampson, Danny 75.00 1 Grubb, Brian USA 80.00
2 Thomas, Brandon USA 58.33 2 Fortenberry, Andrew USA 55.00
3 Rene, Tien CAN 30.00 3 Enns, Mark CAN 26.67