Old location, new rail. 8th annual Byerly Toe Jam rail park contest.

With the highest number of riders all weekend, the Rail Park portion of the Rockstar Byerly Toe Jam saw nearly 40 riders competing for one of wakeskating’s top honors today at The Projects outside of Orlando, Florida. From newcomers like Thailand’s Daniel Grant to seasoned veterans who have been part of every Toe Jam like Aaron Reed, it was awesome to see so many wakeskaters from some many different backgrounds and walks of life come together for the final contest of the 8th annual Byerly Toe Jam.

After hours of riding behind the Sea-Doo WAKE Edition PWC, the judges had some tough calls to narrow the field down to four. In the four-man final, we saw Reed Hansen, Matt Manzari, Ben Horan and Grant Roberts take to the water, each with a five-minute session and unlimited falls. Hansen was solid all day, throwing multiple flip tricks and solid rail hits like his switch boardslide big spin. Manzari went gonzo with several shove variations off the rails and a huge inside-out varial flip. Horan always bring style to the table, landing his signature kickflip and perfect back lip shove. Roberts put together a long, complete run, with many solid rail hits and a frontside 360 shove.

Stay posted for a list of all the winners from the weekend’s epic riding that only a competition like the Toe Jam can deliver.