Travis Doran from above

With the Toe Jam back at the Projects this year the pool / winch jam had to be unique and different. With two giant pools and a legit cement hubba ledge the setup was just that. Over 30 riders took part in the early round jam session format. Each heat of five riders was given 30 minutes to throw down their best hammers and the guys didn’t hold back. The trickery was insane, and in case you missed it on the live broadcast at, look for videos with highlights to hit in the not-too-distant future.

The riding eventually boiled down to a four man final of Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, Dieter Humpsch, and Matt Hooker. As the sun went down the guys got crazy and gave the judges one hell of a task in picking a winner. Results from every contest will be announced later Saturday after the final event, the PWC rail park, takes place.