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Toe Jam concluded with a real classic: The Rock Start Rail Jam. The top 16 were all well suited for teh couse, in fact, it's how they became the top 16. There were tough match ups all day, concluding with a showdown between Nick Taylor and Clint Tompkins. Despite a VERY recent injury, Nick pulled out his first Toe Jam win against the past champion.

For all the pictures, details and video, be sure to check out Alliancewakeskate.com

Toe Jam Tour 2008 Stop #1 – Rail Head-To-Head

Heat #1

1. Clint Tompkins
2. Ben Horan

Heat #2

1. Nick Taylor
2. Danny Hampson

Heat #3

1. Brian Grubb
2. Ryan Doyle

Heat #4

1. Enric Dosta
2. Matt Hooker

Heat #5

1. Bret Little
2. Stuart Shinn

Heat #6

1. Reed Hansen
2. Nick Harlos

Heat #7

1. Brandon Thomas
2. Andrew Pastura

Heat #8

1. Ross Gardner
2. Steven Campbell



Rails – Finals Head-to-Head Bracket








Brian Grubb






Clint Tompkins 























 Nick Taylor




Clint Tompkins 























Nick Taylor






Matt Hooker































 Nick Taylor


Clint Tompkins





Nick Taylor










Reed Hansen






Ross Gardner























Reed Hansen




Andrew Pastura





















Bret Little






Andrew Pastura



























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