The Toe Jam migrated to its final new location of the year today, Orlando Watersports Complex, for the cable finals. With cable heavyweights such as John Ruark and Bret Little in the field, as well as riders like Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor and Reed Hansen, it was sure to be as exciting as watching people ride around in a circle could possibly be.

OWC assured everyone they would not catch amoebas, in fact, the lake was the “cleanest lake in Orlando.” And with that, the contest started. Ruark met a disappointing early out in the first round, bailing on his flip on flip off on the box, twice. Little made it through, as did Taylor and Hansen. Flats flip tricks were popular, as were tricks over the barrel and slides on the two smaller boxes. Only a few riders attempted the wakeboard-style a-frame and the rollercoaster rail, and only Ben Kaiser and Brian Grubb were really nailing bangers on either.

I could go through all the heats, but it’s making my head hurt, so I’ll just fast forward to the finals. Reed Hansen was pitted against Bret Little. Reed won the coin toss and opted to go second. “Just land every trick you know like you always do,” he assured Bret before he hit the water. Bret rode, and killed it, using everything on the course, landing tricks in the flats, etc, etc. But when Reed took his run, and landed literally every flip trick possible (kicklfip, v flip, three flip, DOUBLE kickflip, etc) well, Bret had to settle for second.

Checks were handed out as well as a brand new Sea Doo to the best overall rider. With consistent finishes through out the weekend, including a win in the boat finals, Brian Grubb is the proud owner of a new ski, so be nice to him. I heard he doesn’t like it when you call him pretty and won’t pull you if you do.