The Rockstar rail jam wasn’t the only thing to happen on Friday at Toe Jam. Once the action concluded on the Projects rail park, the crowd headed immediately for the pool jam on the other side of the lake, where the finals for the winch jam were set to go down.

The eight riders who’d made it through qualifiers included James Balzer, Steve Campbell, Clint Tompkins, Danny Hampson, Aaron Reed, Nick Taylor, Ben Horan and Bret Little. The format was a one-hour jam, with all the riders hitting the pool at the same time. The rain was threatening, but that didn’t seem to intimidate the riders, who were attempting (and in some cases stomping) even more technical tricks than in qualifiers.

Before everything was over, the rain started coming down Florida-style (read: really, really hard.) The riders kept jamming while everyone else huddled under the tents, which were trying their hardest to blow away. I think the biggest bangers went down while I was trying to keep my camera dry, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of photos, but here’s what I know.

Results apparently are not official until the awards ceremony after everything is said and done, but the general consensus is that Clint Tompkins’ 270 switch front board was the winning maneuver. Also, Balzer yelled at me for not mentioning his shuv to lipslide yesterday and that was sick! He landed that again as well. The winch jam was epic.

Winch Jam
 8 Man 1 Hour Jam Format Final
 Steven Campbell
 Aaron Reed
 Nick Taylor
 Ben Horan (3)
 Clint Tompkins (1)
 James Balzer (3)
 Bret Little (2)
 Danny Hampson