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Tony Iacconi takes one set while at the MasterCraft Boats Demo Day in Bonnie Doon in Australia. Enjoy!

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12 Responses to “Tony Iacconi in AUS”

  1. jazza Says:

    good tricks but wow he looks so terrible doing it all

  2. elliott Says:

    Not terrible at all! Tony that was a great set dude. The only thing I would have changed was the song choice! haha Editing was really good as well. It’s hard to get a song or edit together that everyone will like. This however in any respect was AWESOME love the ending 180s. Keep it up.

  3. ricketts Says:

    @elliott, I hope that was sarcasm, looks like a middle schooler put this together during his lunchbreak on movie maker.

  4. dat guy Says:

    whoever edited this, please dont… like, ever, again? thx

  5. Steve Gould Says:

    dude that melon 180 your were still going up over second wake. SO BIG SO NASTY

  6. ok Says:

    Hated the freaking techno edit all filmed from the boat ?! Please be creative

  7. danny Says:

    55 Feet rope length. FAG

  8. jokefish Says:

    hope he is gay. I have a boner for him an the filmer, kinda want to put it to use. FAGS

  9. kyle Says:

    I can’t believe tony gave him permission to submit this video. that song made me want to re-rupture my ruptured ear drum and those flat spins are just really ugly. very technical but ugly. I actually remember reading a Harley interview where he was knocking the straight ungrabbed flat spin and how it shouldn’t be acceptable on tour and I think he was taking a knock at tony

  10. Trent Cole Says:

    All I see here is some heavy ass riding and a bunch of whining pussies who can’t even grab a simple tantrum.

  11. MCluv Says:

    WOW…so many haters on this channel.
    I know the young bloke was asked to do a demo for a mastercraft dealer that day and ended up riding 7 times. Im sure he didn’t know that someone was recording his ride that day. That recording didn’t get posted from Tony I’m sure. I’m thinking @Trent Cole knows whats up.

  12. Sam McDowell Says:

    Haha his switch heel nine was not stylish enough for you… Get back on your knee board cock!


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