As some of you may be aware, our Editor, Tony Smith, left us yesterday. No, he did not die, nor will his efforts and influence on the activities we all love ever die. He is just moving on to new challenges with new horizons. But his cultivation of the roots of the activity is permanently engraved on the trunk of the proverbial wakeboarding tree.

Tony has been my partner in wakeboarding editorial crime for over a decade now. He has taught me many things about the English language, most of which surround not getting so wrapped up in it. A decade ago at Wake Boarding Magazine and again, seven years ago at the launch of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, we set out with one goal: Change the sport of wakeboarding by only representing the most legitimate aspects of the activity. At least what we thought were legitimate anyway. It turns out a few others felt the same way. For all practical purposes we accomplished that goal a number of years ago.

Tony has kept us all motivated, inspired and most of all smiling throughout his time with Alliance. He has the ability, no matter what the situation, to make you feel like it's all going to work out fine, and typically it does. Kind of like Yoda, but a little taller and with smaller ears.

Here are a number of photos to shed a little light on the person that is Tony Smith.

Thank you for everything, Tony.