Harley Clifford Winning Parks Double or Nothing 2010 Photo: Spencer Smith

Harley Clifford’s Top 5 Moments of 2010

1.Call of Duty. This year I finally learned how to be good at Call of Duty.

2. Landing back mobe 7 wake to wake! I was so pumped to finally land it.

3.Parks Double or Nothing. When I won Parks Double or nothing contest with a back mobe 7, such an awesome feeling.

4. Harry Potter. Just saw the new Harry Potter and it is awesome!

5. Not Losing My Cell Phone I was walking back of the dock one day and slipped into the water and threw my phone up in the air as I slipped by accident and then it landed on my life jacket floating in the water. I am always losing my phone so I was pumped to get lucky this time.

2010 has been an interesting year. The economy is finally turning around, young guns are throwing down like never before and the legends are continually push the progression of Wake-whatever-ing. It’s been an awesome year for all of us at Alliance too, with our tenth birthday as the icing on the cake. To help us celebrate Alliance’s ten year anniversary, we asked the riders to share their top five moments of 2010 with us.