1. Surviving the heaviest rail hit on a wakeboard! Thanks to Ryley Bangerter and the West Coast crew for making it happen!!

2. Riding with French Paul all year, especially the last couple months has been some of the most fun I have had in the past few years of riding a wakeboard.

3. Watching Three launch and make it all over the World. I could have never imagined seeing people wear clothing I had a huge part in developing. I can’t be more happy and thankful with the opportunity Ten-80 has given me to run with this project!

4. Golfing with two of my best friends on a private course in Mexico during a pre season vacation. It is times like that you really appreciate all of the travel and sacrifices made to make a living as a professional wakeboarder.

5. All of the friendships and opportunities that have come my way this year have been amazing. 2010 will always be remembered by me as the first year of the rest of my career. I really feel like I am starting to figure this all out…I love this sport!