It’s officially December which means we are rolling into the grand finale of 2011. It’s been a hell of a year for Alliance and for several of our favorite pro riders. Now’s the time of year we like to ask the pro’s “what have been the top five highlights of your season?” It’s a fun and interesting way to cut to the chase and find out what really kept their stoke alive. In this first edition we catch up with Amber Wing to recap her all star season.


-Rome. I was in Italy for a Wakeboard contest in Milan for a full week. I love Italy and decided to go exploring on my days off, so I visited Venice, the leaning tower of Pisa and Milan. I stayed an extra 2 days after the contest to visit Rome as I was so close. A mellow 3 hour train ride went through Florence and some beautiful countryside. Italy is a beautiful country and the food is amazing!!!


-Getting my first brand new boat! Supra delivered a new 242 to me in March when I arrived in Orlando. I have never had a new boat so I was really excited. Choosing every feature like the white hull, black tower and all the optional extras made it so exciting when it arrived. My favorite feature is the height adjustable drivers seat, being so tall (a towering 5’2) this feature made my captaining experience a blast. It’s a beautiful view being able to see over the dash, and so comfortable not having to sit on life jackets 🙂



-Brostock. You all know what I am talking about! Haha. There was plenty of tanning oil going around as the LF office crew made the most of their week in sun. Bob Soven always claims that he get’s the tannest, but it is not true, I am the tannest ginger. *kids tanning is bad for you, skin cancer kills* It was a fun week of riding with the team, I always enjoy our team shoot!


-Queen of Wake !


-Making it through a full year with no speeding fines! I’ve been pretty good at clocking up speeding fines the last few years. I would probably have lost my license if I didn’t live part time in 2 different countries. I’m not a bad driver, I just like to stick to the faster side of the speed limit.