1. System 2.0.
This year Shredtown teamed up with Pat Panakos and System 2.0. Over the past couple years I have had the opportunity to become really good friends with Pat Panakos and we have always talked about how awesome it would be if we could somehow get our hands on a 2.0. After a few things fell into place and talking with Christian von Lerchenfeld it looked like it was going to finally become a reality. We just recently installed the system and have been shredding it a lot lately and it is definitely the most fun way to ride a wakeboard. Big thanks to Pat Panakos and Sesitec’s Christian von Lerchenfeld for making it happen!

2. Pro model board.
This year we were fortunate enough to design our first ever pro model wakeboard and boots with Slingshot Wake. Slingshot did an awesome job putting our ideas into a board and it ended up turning out better than we could have asked. If you get the chance test one out you will be stoked.


3. Lipsmack.
The past year Slingshot has been filming for our first ever full-length video “Lipsmack.” Patrick Wieland has been filming for it a lot lately and has logged some really good footy so far. I also just got word that it will be dropping May 2012 so get stoked and be looking out for updates and the new trailer dropping soon.

4. Beaver.
One day we were all chillin and riding out at my ranch and happened to see this beaver swimming across the lake so Chris and I jumped on the ski with my 22. We rolled up on it while it was swimming along the shore so we started driving parallel with it and somehow happened to get a shot off and I guess I tagged him pretty good. It was massive and ended up being 60 lbs so I got that shit mounted with the beaver throwin up a peace sign.

5. Shredtown.com.
Super stoked on being able to run my own website and making edits for everyone to get stoked on. There really is nothing better than coming up with an idea and making it happen. There is definitely a lot of hard work that goes into it but once we throw that edit up on the site we all know it was worth it. Check it out if you are bored and thanks for reading this!