December 16th, 2010 by alliance

All year long we’ve brought you nothing but the coolest happenings in wakeboarding, but there are times when things don’t always go according to plan, and for those time we have created this list of the Top Failures of 2010 presented to you in no particular order.

Failure of the year #1 – Chad Sharpe takes out the Unit quarter pipe at The Projects and spoils the fun for the rest of Orlando. Unfortunately he also took himself out in the process with a shoulder injury that kept him off the water for a month or two following.

Failure of the Year #2 – Soaring with Aerial Supremacy.

Failure of the Year #3 – Naming an unbelievably legit and progressive wakeskating video “Washed Up Before We Were Has Beens.”

Failure of the year # 4 – Gabe Lucas meets a tree branch face to face in a “natural jib” gone bad. It happened late in the season while shooting on the Guadalupe River for CWB’s new video project Committed. Gabe described the feeling being similar to a “Bruce Lee Roundhouse kick to the face.” Committed will be premiering in the spring of 2011 so hold your horses on this one…Trust us its worth the wait for this clip alone.

Failure of the Year # 5 – Shredtown test dummy Davis Griffin prematurely ends his season at an Oklahoma winch spot, fracturing his tibia, fibula, and femur as well as tearing his ACL, MCL, and calf muscle. Basically everything that could have gone wrong did, and then he had to ride home in the backseat of the car for like 10 hours before seeing a doctor. Brutal. Get well soon Davy!

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Failure of the Year # 6 – Associate editor Jeff McKee nearly turns one Nick Jones into two during a doubles session on Lake Pickett. Riding On a longer line and shooting follow cam, They got about 4 solid clips before Nick Scooped up Jeff’s line and proceeded to spin, wrapping himself up in the rope before crashing. The rope pulled tight and if it weren’t for his arm getting in the way, thing could have been FAR worse…

Failure of the Year # 7 – The Backpack Cam.

Failure of the Year # 8- The WWA tweets “The Boner Crusher” when referring to Rusty Malinoski during a PWT event. The incident was chalked up to predictive texting, but even then, why is your phone predicting the word “boner?”

- These are just a Few of Alliance’s favorite failures in 2010. Think we missed something? Feel free to post your favorites below…

All year long we’ve brought you nothing but the coolest happenings in wakeboarding, but there are times when things don’t always go according to plan, and for those time we have created this list of the Top Failures of 2010 presented to you in no particular order.

Failure of the year #1 – Chad Sharpe takes […]

51 Responses to “Top Failures of 2010”

  1. Goodstuff Says:

    But I would say Shredtown itself is failure of the year, not just one trick.. didn’t like 3 of them get hurt trying to wakeskate with bindings?

  2. Robert Absher Says:

    you think the backpack cam is a failure? how about that 10th aniversary magazine. you guys are still sore about me? get used to me, because im not going anywhere

  3. James Says:

    Absher ur a kook please quit trying and go die

  4. omg Says:

    BackPack cam was the bigest WIN this year.


    Quit hating on this guy for doing the impossible.

    Absher- Keep it up guy, as kat williams said “if you have 12 people hating on you , you better figure out how to get 12more” They are just jealous that you blew their minds without permission and never called back.

    I am just thankfull you exist, you going to take wake sports into a whole new era.

  5. Brad Says:

    shredtown as epic fail of the decade for all wakeboarders.

  6. coolguy Says:

    shredtown is friggin’ sweet

  7. Brent Says:

    Absher your a shit stain of a human being…. And who ever said that the BackPack cam was “revolutionary” should be hit in the head with a baseball bat until they think otherwise.

    If Absher is going to take wakeboarding to some new era then we should all quit while were ahead.



  8. Matty C Says:

    that was probably absher posing as someone who likes him

  9. Really guys? Says:

    Feel free to quit Brent, no one gives a f*ck about your opinion anyways, “shit stain”

  10. agreed! Says:

    wow brent you sound like a bundle of joy. i wish you were in my riding circle to get me pumped on riding!!!!

  11. Bumjeezy Says:

    There should be 9 fails of the year. you guys obviously didnt see absher’s stokemeter

  12. Haha Says:

    Watching Absher talking about himself on stokemeter was awesome

  13. DFTR Josh Says:

    Alliance fail on the rights to the Shreadtown video, LOL!

    Backpack angle was pretty legit when compared to the helmet or chest mount.

  14. DFTR Josh Says:

    Oops, now has the rights to it…

    Post fail, LOL!

  15. sk8 Says:

    Damn, makes me proud to wakeskate.

  16. santa claus Says:

    wakeskating is a fake sport.

  17. ?? Says:

    hahah. Absher, wakeologys are sick right??? hahah.

  18. ??? Says:

    Hate hate hate, that’s all I see. honestly alliance, what did you guys think was going to happen by creating a post like this?

  19. urawank Says:

    I’m guessing they’re expecting traffic, smart.

  20. Todd Watson Says:

    haha you all hate but wonder y shredtown gets more exposure than you do. its because you cant hit a 20 ft drop on a skate. and you can jib palets on a skate. you yeah you also cant 50 50 a fence on a skate stop hating cuz you pretend to skateboard on a pice of plywood. you do know that wakeboarding is your father and one of the ten comandments is to respect thy father and mother right so fuck all who hates on wakeboarding. life is fun so live it. when you hate you only feed the ones who are better than you so suck it.

  21. Todd Watson Says:

    ps that last coment didnt come from todd it came from a friend staying at his house on his computer. not todd. he has no hate in his life. one love.

  22. todds friend. Says:

    truth is wakeskating is legit in its own way just like shredtown. they do things straped up that you cant do if you werent straped i just dont understand y everyone hates on somthing in this industry. i mean this is the only indusrtry that people hate on itself in. you wonder y its soo held back from what it could be. its because of itself that is dosnt grow. theres soo many haters that people dont want to try to push it. i feel that if somthing new happens it needs to be encouraged. it might suck in the begining but so did everything. you cant start out on top. so as a fellow rider please stop hating and help the sport grow.

  23. wakeskate 4 life Says:

    todds friend your wack dude. you just need to let go on the thought that wakeboarding is cooler than wakeskateing. wakeboarders suck.

  24. Wassup Says:

    America sucks…

  25. Reeder Says:

    you guys do realize this is a Wakeboarding/Wakeskating site?

  27. Justin H. Says:

    I love the kid in the Sharpe video.

    “Alright kiddo, put on your helmet, your up next.”

  28. ALEX Says:

    i actually liked the backpack cam angle, just needed some better shreding

  29. wassup 2 Says:


    America is the shit. You suck.

  30. omg Says:

    i totally thought someone would get the obvious sarcasm in the revolutionary comment

    it was so pro absher it had to be fake , and you sir’s were right

    but i honestly do think it was revolutionary!
    right up there with hydrofoils from era, shawkboarding, and flying tubes

    give it up for absher , he is the coolest guy to enter wake sports EVAR1111

  31. Jon Says:

    Nick Jones almost got murdered… thats fucking crazy shit!!

  32. kaesen suyderhoud Says:

    hahaha, wheres bob soven when you need him???

  33. john Says:

    of course kaesen comes in with something so off topic but very true, wheres bob. Yea nick jones almost got decapated thank god he didnt, and yes shred town is gay, yes they do some gnarly shit, kill it on rails, but they bit some style from the west coast(who created winching) and now try to act like they pushed winching. But in the end shred town wins, man just look down at your leg and imagine nothing there because thats what happened to that kid. big props man for sacking up and doing it. shred town kills it but they need to holler at the people who started winching and give em credit. haha that dude that did the back pack cam is a queer, i think hes gay or really likes him self with how many self pictures he takes.

  34. john Says:

    o yea i though sharp was comming out the other side of that quarter pipe by how hard he hit it.

  35. WSR or DIE Says:

    dude nobody cares about west coast wakeboarding. the only thing good outta the west coast is Randall Harris, and his style is whack as hell.

  36. mango Says:

    thomas horrel invented winching. not canyon lakes upperclass gangsters. wakeskating is a breath of fresh air with how stale everything in wakeboarding has been since the pointless days faded away. shredtown are clowns. tom fooshee is the man. byerly is still the coolest.

  37. Jon Says:

    Horrel is the man!!!!!! And byerly is the coolest

  38. Cameron Ferris Stout Says:

    haha i love all the Absher hating. awesome.

  39. J Says:

    Fail #11: having a “comments” section, so that we can hear how dumb we all are…

  40. Dood Says:

    Todd’s friend, learn how to use punctuation for starters. Second, just about every boardsport industry hates on itself; try not to make such an unresearched, ignorant statement again. Lastly, not everything new needs to be encouraged. The power of opinion kept us from being show skiers who ride sideways.

  41. Robert Absher Says:

    What do you have against me Cameron? Have I ever met you or done you wrong? This is a sport where there should be love and all I see is a bunch of people disrepecting the sport. Why so much hate from you and a few others that makes this sport look bad in front of other sports? What happened to friendships and motivation? Isnt that how people progress and get better at what they love to do?

    If someone doesnt like me for any reason let me know, and why that is so I can improve our relationship. If someone thinks that my videos need work, please let me know with construction critisism, so I can improve my skills because Im always trying to get better at what I do. Or, just dont watch them. For those of you who like to pick on someone’s riding style, especially when they have a 5 foot pole on their back, thats not the way to treat people in the sport. Once again use the motivation factor instead of being rude and making yourself look bad when you are trying to hurt someones feelings. The problem with this sport is there are too many arrogant rich boys that think their crap dont stink. I shure hope that changes in the future or we are not going to grow as a sport. Maybe cable parks will be the future and that will bring everyone together as a group.

    Seeing the backpack cam in the top ten failures for 2010 is just Alliances way to try and piss me off and make me look bad. Everyone knows that was a cool shot. Yeah the film was slow because Im playing with 60fps and I thought that looked awesome. Maybe boring for the whole video, yes. Yeah the riding isnt always what you want to see. I bet if you pressed something with a 5 foot poll on your back you would be worried about getting the rope wrapped around the camera and drug, which did happen. All Im trying to do is find and incorporate new shots because I love filming wakeboarding. Personally I think we have one of the greatest sports and I think its a shame that we make it look so bad. And Im not talking about the riding because everyone has their own skill level in any sport. Lets stand up for wakeboarding and wakeskating, and stop acting like a bunch of tards.

    Thank you and Im out.

  42. Dude.... Says:

    Absher post like above are the reason everyone thinks your kook. If you really wanna do something or prove something then just do it. Stop talking about it. Go out and do it. Only post your best stuff and then let people really see what your trying to do. Stop using stupid Fonts and clip art. Dont try to over edit your videos. Dont use songs that you know people are going to hate on. The key to making it in this industry or any industry is not to talk about yourself but too let other people talk about you and your skills not just talk about you being a kook.

  43. WSR Says:

    Ignorance is not a bliss

  44. WSR wannabees Says:

    Failure # 12 – WSR.

    Did anyone read that press release about the WSR store? Gangbanger’s and wakeboarding; talk about a miss-match. Sorry WSR, you style off the water is “hella” lame.

  45. pirate Says:

    i like the shredtown

  46. holy$%!* Says:

    Wow, this is whats wrong with the sport. I dont know Absher nor know if I have seen his videos, but if we got to it everyone could critique everyones videos. He was just trying to make a new shot. Gotta try somewhere! This sport is hurting bad right now and showing some love would help! Just be appreciative people are filming am. videos and throwing them out there for people to watch otherwise half of us wouldnt be able to watch wakeboarding as seasons are all different!

  47. Graydon Gesner Says:

    Quit the hate on Absher. The dude is trying to innovate and all you punks do is bash him. Funny how he can out shred most of you fools who hate on him. Keep on hating

  48. Nick Galotifiore Says:

    Jake Valdez and Josh Twelker. two kids with some of the best style ever! from the west coast. just sayin. I care about west coast riders.

  49. Trever Maur Says:

    You got that right! I ride with Josh Twelker everyday. Most creative rider I know. Always trying to poke tricks different then everyone else. Thats why his riding is DOPE!

  50. Zak Stone Says:

    HOLY EFFING SHE IT!!! I’m so glad we didn’t have a “Failure Death”!! (or maybe we did and everyone is too busy bashing someone for thinking outside the bun). Merry Christmas Water Lovers!!

  51. e Says:

    top fail of 2010…wakeboarding


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