Steffen and Shawn: Ready to rave. 

 Creamfields Abu Dhabi: At the last event of the year, the WWA worlds, we won some tickets for  the creamfields festival, which was the same weekend. It was my first ever festival, luckily the genre was my favorite. We “raved” to the craziest electro beats… 😀   I sucked in the comp but definitely won the Party!



A German rave pro lost in the Abu Dhabi crowd.

Slingshot: After the sudden death of NewSchnitzel (RIP) I really had to worry about finding a new sponsor. It didn’t take long to decide who to contact first. I am glad that I made the right decisions and joined the sickest Team and best supporter ever… Love you all!!!



Team Slingshot in Germany for the Lipsmack cable tour.

 Lipsmack Germany Tour: This year my top 5 events dropped off in a row. Wake ´n Beach, Wake n ´Country , FISE, WakeUp, ending with the legendary  Wake The Line.  Right after these 6 insane weeks I rolled straight into a full  10 day tour around Germany with Jeff, Oli, Nate, Dylan, Manu, Patrick and our guides Max and Seb. We started off in Cologne, drove south, north, east, all over Germany, meeting great people, having good food , making music in irish pubs, parties, becoming friends and of course sharing matilda. Thanks for letting me introducing you my home!



Oh Isabel…

Wake n´Country: When alliance asked me for my Top 5 moments i said to myself: “ahhh nooooo I wont put in a contest I won!”  But, Helll yeahhhhhh…I was soooo good on the top of that podium!!



 Editude.Tv:  3 Dudes, fully equiped with camera equipment, travelling together, sharing the love for wakeboarding and wakeskating, getting creative!!You should like that: