Andrew Adams and the Shredtown crew have pushed the sport of wakeboarding in an entirely new direction in the past couple of years, and paid the price of progression in blood, knee surgeries, etc. Fortunately they keep on coming back for more. They are currently working on a full length video part for the Slingshot’s new team video as well as countless original web edits. Below are some of Andrews favorite things…

Top 5 web video’s this year:


Top 5 reasons to never drive your own car:

1. No one else in shredtown has an iphone so i am all time navigator
2. If you pay for gas you get shotgun right?
3. Someone else always gets the ticket
4. Its always nice to get a power nap in before a frothy winch session
5. I am the only single one in shredtown so i have to text my babes that I recently met on facebook


Top 5 artists on your current playlist:

1. Richard in Your Mind

2. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s

3. Joan Jett

4. The Kills

5. Simon and Garfunkel


Top 5 reasons to live in Texas:

1. Hydrous wakepark
2. Winch spots everywhere
3. Shredtown headquarters
4. We find weird shit in the water (see pic)
5. I can’t afford a house anywhere else haha


Top 5 reasons you’ll never go back to France:

1. Gypsies will steal everything you own
2. Their handrails are not nice to me
3. The us embassy thought i was a terrorist (might have been beacuse they don’t shower in france for months at a time so neither did I… and the mustache)
4. I can’t ever understand what they are saying
5. Actually I was sort of hoping to go back next year…?


Top 5 reasons to ride a flexboard:

1. I like to hit rails
2. I like to winch
3. I like to ollie
4. I like to ride boat
5. I like to ride everything


Top 5 places to go at night in Athens, TX:

1. Stripclub?
2. Grill out with the homies
3. Go on a sunset cruise in my new party barge
4. Go bowling
5. Go to this place called the lodge that has fake wrestling the first thrusday of every month


Top 5 reasons no one in Shredtown should have a girlfriend:

1. Because they would rather skype then take a set
2. None of their girlfriends have hot friends
3. Girlfriends think education is more important than wakeboarding
4. Girls get pretty angry when they have to sit at the ranch all day and watch us ride
5. They’re only good for one thing and you can get that being single


Top 5 crashes for Shredtown:

1. Davis’ wallride drop in Oklahoma to blown knee

2. Chris Abadie San Marcos outlet mall bridge collision

3. Death gap #2

4. My handrail knee breaker in France

5. Davis’ highway barrier flip


Top 5 favorite rail riders:

1. Raph Derome
2. Marc Rossiter
3. Nico Von Lerchenfeld
4. Kaesen Suyderhoud
5. Chris Abadie