Dylan Miller is a funny guy. Funnier than you think. He has an oversized back and is great at doing impressions of movie stars, plus he’s really good at wakeboarding. Get to know him in Top Fives.


Top five discovery’s after becoming a vegan

– I poop way more often

– I feel way healthier

– Babes are interested in it and want to talk about it

– Dogs aren’t scared that I’m going to eat them any more

– The controversial conversations it creates


Top five advantages of having a big back

– I can do infinite amounts of pushups

– It makes boardin way easier

– People always ask if they can touch it

– It fills up tank tops really nicely

– It makes up for how small my d#%k is


Top five video edits you’ve watched lately

– Wake merk

– Permacation teaser

– 2 dudes one boat

– Anything on youjizz

– Anything on Alliance


Top five ways to power through the drive from Canada to Florida

– Canadian Whiskey

– Lotion and tissues in bulk

– Listening to Ramstien on blast

– Trying to sneek in the odd nap

– Trying to get nude photos from all my ex’s via text message


Top five movie stars you’d love to date

-Charlize Theron

-Emmanuelle Chriqui

-Brad Pit

-Meagan Good

-Oprah Winfrey


Top five artists on you music player

– Menahan street band

–  Cults

-Little Brother

– Nas

– The black Keys


Top five favorite action sports athletes

– Billy Marks

– Brandon Beibel

– Dustin O’Ferrall

– John Jackson

– Craig Mcmorris


Top five ways to pick up a lady

– T ell them I’m from Canada

– Ask them if they would like to have sex sometime.

– Turning around so they can see my back.

– Going to the STD clinic.

– Roofies… Does picking them up off the floor count?


 Dylan Miller shredding in “Dub Mondays.”


Top five pet peeves

– Boating

– Sliders

– Dirty Vehicles

– Unfolded clothes

– Loud talkers


Top five jobs besides wakeboarding

– Pro golfer

– Rigger

– Pro rollerblader

– Music producer

– Carpenter


Top five people in you’re cell phone call log 

– Dad

– Adam Levitt

– Steel Lafferty

– Adam Burwell

– Kevin Henshaw