Here we have a collective top fives with the Alliance crew and friends, all pertaining to surf expo.


Everyone: Guesses as to why the Remote team still hasn’t shown up and the time is 1 PM:

1. Their boards seem to be selling themselves…or disappearing from their booth at least.

2. The last we saw of Leo Labadens he was being escorted out of the building yelling “viva la France”.

3. They’re still at the bank trying to come up with enough cash to pay off all the wake awards last night.

4. Shit happens.

5. Ben stole their van and is on his way to margaritaville to bask in victory.



McKee: Reasons I should have worn different shoes:

1. My feet hurt.

2. My back hurts.

3. I can smell them from here.

4. Everyone else can smell them from here too.

5. My ass would look so much better if I had brought my “shape ups” by sketchers.


Alliance: Top five reasons to take a load a load off in Alliance booth:

1. 2 inch padded carpet.

2. Dieter’s new wakeskate teaser for “Noisa Vision”.

3. We’re livesteaming the quicksilver pro NY instead of working.

4. Free Beer at 4:30.

5. Danny Hampson is posted up and ready to talk to you about your day…


Hampson: Top 5 most exciting moments of your expo weekend so far:

1: Presenting an award last night with Brian Grubb.

2: Blowing it.

3. Staying at the red roof in instead of my house which is only 20 minutes away.

4. Alliance has beer.

5. Tony Finn’s presence at the liquid force booth.



Alliance: Top 5 reasons to visit the Body Glove booth:

1. See the picture.

2. See the picture.

3. See the picture.

4. See the picture.

5. Seethe picture.


Alliance: Top 5 reasons the beer should be served now and not at 4:30:

1.  We paid for it, give it to us!

2. A lot of great business has been done over a beer.

3. We won’t have to keep up with all these crazy new handshakes when we’re double fisting beers.

4. People may even show up early for their meetings.

5. We definitely can’t think of any reasons it shouldn’t be served now.


We don’t have a top five anything for this, but thought you should know that these shoes were here and attached to our friend Brandon Parker. Niiiice…