November 2nd, 2012 by jeffmckee


I recently caught up with Josh Twelker and he has good news. The knee rehabilitation is ahead of schedule and he’ll be ready to charge it again for the 2013 season. In the meantime, here are a few of his favorite things…pics: Cortese



Top five rehab exercises for the knee:

1 Box jumps

2 Squats

3 Lunges

4 Treadmill

5  Riding My Fixie Bike



Top five  jams to workout to:

1 Atmosphere – My Songs

2 The Grouch – Simple Man

3 Dl Incognito – Spit Forever 2

4 Tupac – All Eyes On Me

5 Andre Nickatina –  Jungle



Top five ways to pass the time while off the water:

1 Lots of Xbox

2 Fishing

3 Towing the crue around out on the Delta

4 Crusin on my bike

5 Kayaking



Top five favorite riders RIGHT NOW:

1 Raph Derome

2 Chris O’Shea

3 Jacob Valdez

4 Randall Harris

5 Steel Lafferty


While the above are his favorite 5, I’m willing to bet that Josh would make 90% of other riders “top 5 favorite riders” list…


Advantages of west coast living:

1 Living right next to The Delta

2 Delta Force Crue

3 Rodrigo lives in my town

4 In n Out whenever I want it

5 Better waves in the Pacific than the Atlantic



People in your recent calls log:

1 Trever Maur

2 Jeremy Twelker

3 Rodrigo

4 Derek Cook

5 Chris Dykmans



Websites in your browser history:








Things you want for Christmas:

1  iPad

2 New Road Bike

3 Bass Pro Shops gift card

4 Halo 4

5 Lots of cash


I wouldn’t doubt that he wants his stalefish back for Christmas too…



Pet Peeves

1 Injuries

2 Recovering from injuries

3 Not wakeboarding

4 Not wakeboarding

5 Not wakeboarding



Things to pack for a trip:

1 Boardshorts

2 Skateboard

3 Phone Charger

4 Headphones

5 Downloaded movies on computer



Biggest moments in 2012 for Josh Twelker:

1 Landing a wake to wake mute double cab roll

2 Joining Body Glove’s team

3 Picking up MasterCraft as a sponsor

4 Catching a 10 lb Bass on the Delta

5 Introducing my pro model bindings – the JTs from CWB


5 Responses to “Top Fives: Josh Twelker”

  1. Josh McCoy Says:

    The fact that he likes Atmosphere just solidifies that Twelker’s my favorite rider.

  2. SaFtEeFiRsT Says:

    “I wouldn’t doubt that he wants his stalefish back for Christmas too…

    That’d be a melon…just saying…

    Can’t wait to see some new Twelker edits! My favorite rider to watch by far. Heal up fast!

  3. Theo Says:

    @SaFtEeFiRsT False.. Melon is done with your front hand grabbing, the picture is a stale fish because it’s grabbed with his back hand.

  4. SaFtEeFiRsT Says:

    @Theo…Twelker is goofy footed…that’d be his “front” hand…ie-melon.

  5. SaFtEeFiRsT Says:

    @Theo-Pic at top=stale…you telling me the first pic and the third pic are the same grabs…?


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