Steffen Vollert is a crazy German with a one of a kind style when it comes to riding cable…His Half loaded ollies have given us all a fresh outlook on air trickery, and his rail skills are holding up against the best of them, so much so that Unit Obstacles has given him his own signature model obstacle which debuted at O’Neill’s Wake the Line contest this summer in Cologne, DE.


Top 5 places to eat in the US:

1. McKee’s BBQ.

2.Taco Bell.

3. Mrs. Abadie´s homemade food.

4. Ken´s – Athens’ best pizza buffet.

5. “that mexican restaurant we went to several times”??


Top 5 reasons to make sure your cell phone works internationally:

1. You don’t have to ask your american friends for their phone continuously.

2. You don’t get lost because you can load the map to find the way.

3. You can check Facebook and post instagrams as you are used to.

4. You don´t pass out if you see your phone bill after the trip because you pay 3€ per minute on the german provider!!! Damn.

5. You will find a way to come back home after that crazy party at which you´ve been left alone… That was a wild night at the universal studios!!


Top 5 reasons to stay at friends houses as opposed to hotels:

1. It feels like “home”!!

2. The WiFi is fast as hell.

3. You don’t have to pay for the drinks you took out of the “minibar”.

4. Breakfast is till 5pm.

5. Your room is usually on the first floor, so you don’t have to take an elevator…(I’m scared of them since FISE…we almost died!!!! )


Top 5 experiences of filming for Lipsmack this far:

1. Riding dirt bike in Shredtown all day long!

2. Driving a Jetski for the first time ever.

3. Filming in Germany, especially at my home cable to show everybody how I grew up.

4. Matilda!!!

5. Getting more into that jet ski rail riding; “damn it´s so hard!”


Top 5 people you skype with:

1. Kim Bomermann.

2. Mama.

3. Papa.

4. Sebastian Simm.

5. Luki Suess.


Top 5 most recently visited websites on you laptop:







Top 5 German words and sentences you wish you could say in English:

1. “Leberkäsbrötle”

2. “Spätzle”

3. “ich glaub ich spinne”

4. “Hast du noch alle Tassen im Schrank”

5. “Verstopfung”


Steffen showing the Slingshot team how to do things “German style” while filming for Lipsmack.


Top 5 reasons to ride in Germany:

1. Having a “Leberkäsbrötle” on the way to the cable

2. We are having at least 200 cables…minimum…that´s why.

3. There´s no queue …never!

4. There are tons of groupies at the cables… come over guys!!! 2 each!!

5. The german beer after riding.

Top 5 tricks you wish never existed in wakeboarding:

1. Hasselhof.. the trick can be cool. but the name!! come on!!

2. Jackson slides.

3. Fahion Airs on the flat…They are awesome on the kickers.

4. 90210.

5. All the other tricks I know are pretty fun.


Steffen with another signature “Half Loaded” ollie…


Top 5 favorite tricks to do on cable:

1. Grabbed halfloaded ollie’s.

2. Frontflips to revert with all kind of grabs…

3. BS tail 180s off the kicker.

4. Rails in general.

5. Kurvenrailey ( railey out of the corner ).


Top 5 favorite US riders:

1. Rob Corum ( he killed it in Dallas!!!! ).

2. Shredtown ( they are one person actually – and is Texas a part of the US?).

3. Marc Rossiter ( he´s american for me! )

4. Brian Reeder.

5. Bob Soven.


Top 5 favorite riders outside the US:

1. Oli Derome.

2. Nico VL.

3. Felix Georgii.

4. Marc Rossiter ( … ahh noo he´s definitely from the UK)

5. Everybody else is on 5 🙂


Top 5 crashes you’ve taken in your career:

– I crashed so hard so I can’t remember them at all!!