Its not that often that a Top Pros Tour even happens and its even less frequent that one comes through your hometown. But…. It must have had something to do with that lunar eclipse we just had because The Top Pros were in full effect in my town for one day and one day only. You may be asking yourself right now "what is a Top Pros Tour" well I asked my self that also, I to came to no good conclusion. But thats what Aarron Reed told me him and the other Top Pros were on. He had a cast and was taken prescriptions meds for a broken shoulder that happened on the first day of the tour at the time. But Damn it he is a top pro and so is Hampson, Kyle, and Ben and I will stand on top of a mountain and yell it if thats what it takes. Here are some pictures from there Miami stop watch for the story in the mag to follow.