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This view look familiar? Like from when you were half passed out at Spy bar last night?

Let’s face it, we are all here at this site right now for one reason, we love the wake.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but sometimes without realizing it, you fall into the wake bubble and lose touch with the rest of the world.  This happens to pros, amateurs, and fans alike. It especially happens to people who live in Orlando for too long. If you don’t get one of these signs below, attribute it to the fact you are lucky enough to live elsewhere. It’s always good to be cultured and try new and different things so don’t be afraid to take a break from the “wake” every once in awhile. A little diversity will only help you meet new people, have new influences, and spread the reach of the wake even further.  Remember the rest of the world still thinks wakeboarding/skating is throwing down that skinny little board on some rollers on the beach.

Top Ten Signs you know you are too deep in this Wake Game

10. You are waking up from a Taco Tuesday Hangover right now to read this
9.  You only tweet about who you are riding with and what tricks went down
8. You moved from your beautiful hometown/lake to Orlando to live on Clear Lake
7. You tivo’d the latest pro tour episode, frame grabbed a shot of you cheering in the background, and put it on your myspace/facebook
6. Your myspace/facebook profile pic is a picture of you SHHHHREEDDDIINNNN! \m/
5. Going out at night in Orlando means going to a lot of bars but always catching last call at Spy Bar, aka, The LCQ
4. You hooked up with… wait a minute, do I even need to say her name? And your buddy looking over your shoulder reading this did too! Funny, right? Oh wait a minute you didn’t know he did? awkward…
3.  You take hours to do your shopping in Performance with the hopes of a “top pro” walking in
2. Even though you didn’t get an invite, you’ve been to Byerly’s Halloween Party every year.
1. You can come up with a top ten list like this and feel extremely limited by the number ten.

8 Responses to “Top Ten Signs You’re Too Deep in the Wake Game”

  1. Ta-bone Says:

    #11. You read through that whole list!

  2. BobbyC Says:

    You forgot:
    You wear energy drink hats even without a contract or any financial incentives!

  3. WakeGuy420! Says:

    #13. You know Tampa Cable is the new OWC
    #14. You have obnoxiously large wake stickers on your pickup truck with black rims.
    #15. the hardest trick you can do is abbreviated in your email address
    #16. You get a surf expo pass no problem…
    #17. Chad’s blog is your home page
    #18. You say “shred”… a lot.
    #19. You can get into Dragon Room whenever you want
    #20. You have a star map of the hood hanging in your room…

  4. lame Says:

    #21. You struggle to find something to write about on your website, so you come up with a “Top Ten Sign’s You’re Too Deap in The Wake Game” article.

  5. Chet Says:

    Didn’t you just write one of these rants on the Obscura blog? Cheer up bud, we are all here to have fun.

  6. Smiley Says:

    #22 – you were hurt by this so you decided to waste your night to rip on this article. Boo hoo. get a sense of humour!

  7. Grasso Says:

    #23: you think your too cool to name drop, but you do it.
    #24: your poor, becuase you bought a PWC Boat or Winch and gas sux
    #24: which should be the new #1: MEDICI CIGAR BAR holds it down for us… sorry spy/fin henrys

  8. Sawyer Says:

    one trip down there… hit the sloppy taco palace after a little dinner at salt island


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