You may notice if you visit this website that us Alliance staffers get to go to some pretty cool places now and then. Right now Garrett and Keith are in Tahiti, and Garrett insists on posting annoying Myspace bulletins about how great it is. Tony is gearing up for a trip to Cuba (who knew communists were backing wakeboarding?) and I get to go on my first trip of the year, to TEXAS! Now you might not think this is not as cool as Tahiti or Cuba, but as far as I'm concerned, Texas is as foreign as any of those other countries. 

I am meeting up with Clint Tompkins, Bret Little and Matt Hooker to check out some Texas winching spots and then we are road tripping to Florida for the Toe Jam. Anyway, working for Alliance is sweet, and I'm sure eventually I'll get picked for one of the fancy trips, you know, once I destroy Garrett. Muhahahaha.