TSR and Nike6.0 have collaborated on new graphics for the Tournament
edition X-Star from MasterCraft. This is the fourth year the three
companies have teamed up for a one of kind towboat to be used for all
Texas Ski Ranch tournaments. If you look closely you can see a tribute
to TriPod. TSR’s three legged goat that lived on the cable island for
many years and even had a couple shots in Alliance and Wakeboarding
Mag. Tripod has since passed of old age, but his legacy continues to
live on as we just had a new litter which happens to be the grandgoat
of Tripod. The three goats pictured were Tripods second litter that
were just donated to a local farm to find greener pastures. As far as
I know TSR is the only cable lake in the world that also raises goats!