Texas Ski Ranch has started their weekly showdowns for the 7th year. The grassroot series started out as a boat only series, but now TSR is starting with a 5 week cable series followed by a 4 week boat series. The first event of 2010 was by far the best event in the history of Thursday night showdowns. 50 riders competed from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. Many organizers would think that couldn’t be possible, but because of the rider support judging, announcing and dock starting TSR is able to efficiently get through so many riders. This year the cable showdown series is part of the CableWakeboard.com National Points Chase that is connecting riders and parks all over the United States. In October TSR will host the national points championship that will include scoring for both individuals and team contests. Riders must place in the top three overall at their respective park to qualify to compete in the Championship. Overall will be decided by the top 4 out of 5 events for each rider so if you missed the first stop you are still ok. TSR is hoping to get 60 riders for event number two and have moved the start time to 5pm to accommodate the number of riders.

Event Info: http://texasskiranch.com/showdowns/

Results Week 1: http://www.cablewakeboard.com/about/tsr-showdowns/

Week 1 Top 10 Highlights:
10 – Andrew Lehman is the first rider off the dock in Intermediate and wins the largest division with 13 riders.
9 – Cody Johnson gets 5th with 1/2 a run & falling on his wildcard & Josh Rice continues to defy time and takes second in Pro.
8 – Michael Simmons holds off the Dorrestijn brothers as they both learned new tricks for the event.
7 – Matt Davidson lands a hard flip in wakeskate
6 – Tom Fooshee falls early on his first run but handles the pressure from himself and other riders to win pro division
5 – Kyle Cameron and Sam Scoggins ride their best and narrow the gap with Tom Fooshee
4 – Hunter Hansen wins first wakeski event at TSR Showdowns, a new era begins.
3 – Blake Hess (Oldest Competitor) runs down just before his turn and takes third in advanced despite not riding for months before his run.
2 – Bret Little Wins Wakeskte with one arm inside his vest!
1 – 50 Riders in 3.5 hours, the event ran smoothly and more riders on the water than any other showdown.