Stop 3 of the TSR Showdown series was the largest of the season! We had 45 riders and only 3 hours to get everything accomplished before dark. The operators and staff did a great job running efficiently and the event went off without a hitch. I am not sure if the best part of the night was the fact that we had so many riders or the Pro Men riders and their tribute to MJ, who as you all know passed away earlier in the day. The MJ, that is a relatively new trick, is when the rider presses up on their toes from a board slide that simulates Michael Jackson's famous pose. No one does it quite like Shawn Watson but it was pretty entertaining watching all 12 pro riders attempt it, most for the first time. After 2 weeks off for the WWA Nationals and to help judge stop 2, Tom Fooshee has reclaimed his place in the number 1 spot. Due to the lack of rain in South Central Texas TSR has officially changed the July boat events to cable events because the boat lake continues to be closed. The series will now be 8 weeks with overall winners being decided from their best six finishes. For more information goto:

Stop #3 June 25th, 2009

Pro Wakeboard
1. Tom Fooshee 90
2. Travis Putman 65.5
3. Gabe Lucas 56.9
4. Blake Vorwald 54.2
5. Cody Kidder 53.2
6. Donald Konomos 48.1
7. Witt Finley 45.9
8. Cody Johnson 43
9. Bryan Wogrin 41
10. Sam Scoggins 35.8
11. Roland Keller 25.0
Pro Wakeskate
1. Matt Davidson
2. Tom Fooshee
3. Jesse Landry
4. Zac Saunders
5. Cody Johnson
6. Stewart Dewar
7. JJ Monroe
8. Collin Pierce
9. Wes Keller
10. Hayden Cridder
Advanced Wakeboard
1. Ryan Smit
2. Dan Olson
3. Ethan Manley
4. Holland Finley
5. John Deere
6. Connor Shepherd
Intermediate Wakeboard
1. Scrappy Coco
2. Hunter Hansen
3. Brad Mason
4. Alex Brown
5. Mason Markwarat
6. Lyle Mauricio
Beginner Wakeboard
1. Brandon Smith
2. Preston Fox
3. Lance McCaskill
4. Colt Crossley
5. Mason Lonborg
6. Mitchel Plath
7. Sam Wilkinson
8. Bryley Butler
9. Ashley James
10. Anna Bialick
11. Liz Elizondo
12. Carson Harmonson