Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. Personally I wear jeans every day. Generally the same pair for a week, or two. So I was very excited when I brand new pair of UGP jeans showed up on my door step. But alas, winter in Oregon has taken its toll on my once youthful physique (read: my ass is huge) and these jeans are made for people who don't spend their nights on the couch with a six pack apparently. But since they were personally selected for me by Stef Tor, I decided I would write about them anyway. Here is a list of reasons I wish they fit.

1. Black jeans rule.

2. Skinny jeans are so hot right now.

3. The pockets are the perfect size…not to small they make your butt look giant, but not so big the entice you to put stuff in them and make your butt look lumpy.

4. Style-wise the embellishments are rad. Tone on tone stitching with reasonable designs (no glitter or rainbow stitching here) are totally my favorite.

5. Wide belt loops. I just got a sweet new belt for xmas, and it would totally fit well in this jeans.