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UNIT Parktech – Kaesen Signature
With our sport evolving every single day it’s often difficult to stay creative when you see how many different rails have been build. Taking inspiration from skate parks or architectural structures is one thing, but being able to work together with a rider that lives all aspects in our sport is another one. When we first talked with Kaesen about his signature feature, he came up with countless lines, which is cool of course, but pretty difficult to fit into one single obstacle. The first design came out and after a few modifications we came up with a perfect blend between Tech, Gap, transfer, skate etc… pretty much every side of the sport has been touched and we can’t wait to hear what the world thinks about this beauty.

When you’re not sure how to approach this feature, take a seat and watch Kaesen taking you through almost every possible line on his signature obstacle at Velocity Wakepark, Sacramento. For more info about V.I.P. check out their Facebooksite https://www.facebook.com/VelocityIslandPark.

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6 Responses to “UNIT Parktech – Kaesen Suyderhoud Signature Feature”

  1. MichaelGator Boone Says:

    Good Job dude.. Cant wait to make it up to Velocity to check it out in the next month..

  2. colby m Says:

    No helmet huh…

  3. shred it Says:

    this is like the first cool video all summer!

  4. THETRUTH Says:

    This is THE best riding on Alliance in a long time. SO SICK. sSo creative and steezy, tight and legit. Holy CoW!!!! Kaesen for president!

  6. kyle Says:

    best video I’ve seen in ages


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