Since it’s establishment in 2008 UNIT Parktech places wakeboard features on the market which allow to express wakeboard skills in a safe way. No sharp edges, unique transitions, easy to ride dimensions and yet challenging enough for advanced riders.

For 2013 UNIT is happy to announce a full new range of modular rail and pipe sections. The UNIT Parktech team has created a Higher Straight Section, a Shorter Straight Section, Step-Up Section, a Kinked Section and an Elbow Pipe Section.

The variety of different setups that can be made out of these new sections brings UNIT and Cable Park’s to a new and higher level! Shuffling the rail and pipe parts around during the season keeps Cable Park’s fresh. The new UNIT modular parts can also be used on existing straight rails or pipes.

Here is a list to give you an idea of what can be made out of the new modular parts:

•    Straight Rail

•    High Rail

•    Double Kinked Rail (high to low)

•    Double Kinked Rail (low to high)

•    Step-Up Rail

•    Step-Down Rail

•    Elbow Pipe

•    Double Kinked Rooftop

•    Donkey Dick Transfer Box

•    Double Kinked Transfer Box