“Some people go Greek, some people go geek, but I joined The University of Florida
Wakeboard Club.”

Wakeboarding has taught me that one of the most crucial factors in the pursuit of
happiness lies in the people you spend your time with. It’s impossible not to be stoked on
life when you’re around the University of Florida wakeboard club members. Look at our
pictures and videos from the USA wakeboard collegiate nationals premier, and you can
see why I’m pumped to call these jammers my extended family.

Not only are these guys killing it at life, but we have more shredders than a hot dang
cheese grading factory! Freddie Wayne, voted the best collegiate wakeboarder, Marcus
Knox, voted Rookie of the year by the Wakeskate Mag, Dixie Smith, stomped a backroll
after a month of learning how to wakeboard, Jon Kistemaker, learns a new trick every
time he rides, Chris Pate, a new freshman slaysher on the waterskate, not to mention an
entire class of raging freshman that are stoked about UF’s free wakeboarding program.
And then there’s our team mascot, Chillber, my “mini” pig. It may or may not even be
legal to have as much fun as we do. It’s absurd.

Come party with us anytime; just bring some jorts, yer shredsled, and yer feeshin pole.
But seriously, come chill with us on November 16th while we host The Southeast
Regional Qualifier for USA Wakeboard’s nationals. If you’re a club president anywhere
in the country, contact me and we can get you setup to bring your A Team and your A
Game. If you went to Wakefest last year, or checked out the video, you know you don’t
want to miss out on this.


I’d like to give a hefty shoutout to alliancewake.com for the $500 scholarship; it will
be well spent on entry fees and reimbursements for our competition on Lake Lanier this
weekend! Also, Lake Wauburg and University of Florida for providing such an awesome
wakeboarding program, Rockstar Energy, Axis boats, The Dojo, And of course, thank
you to the University of Florida Wakeboard Team for being the rowdiest bunch of
gnardogs on this side of the Mason Dixon line.”

-James Ort, UF Wake Club President

“The UF Wake Club stole my attention at a UF club sports fair just last year. They were
so well represented, rowdy, and obnoxious while promoting at their table that it was
hard for me to not be interested. I was a typical, clueless freshman with no idea that such
life-loving, awesome people even went to UF. Their enthusiasm is the reason I learned
how to wakeboard, and it honestly changed my life. Now, it’s my favorite thing to do
(although listening to our President make up ridiculous words is a close second).
Traveling with the team to nationals was an experience I will always remember… I
mean, when all of us are in a vehicle together for that long of a time, then stuffed into
a fancy hotel room, which just happens to be located near a Goodwill and casinos… its
gunna get weird.

The USA Wakeboard Collegiate Nationals had some incredible wakeboarding and I hope
that next year, our full team will come out and be closer to the national title. We made the
most of our competitors, although our main weapons were abroad, disabled, or blew out
their back swing dancing at the crawfish festival the first night at Shreveport… (I went on
a diet after that).

Anyway, the competition was too much fun to even explain in words. So, I hope
everyone makes it out next year and gets to share the experience together!”

-Dixie Smith