May 17th, 2012 by pressrelease

Vandall and Mutiny Freeboards

It is a great honor for me, Randall Harris, to announce that I have partnered with one of my heroes, Erich Schmaltz, as well as one of my favorite brands, Mutiny Freeboards!

Coming this Friday 5/18/2012 is a super limited Vandall signature series… Only 20 are going to be built and then the mold will be destroyed.

I am proud to be working with Erich Schmaltz and Mutiny on this project because they represent the true essence of the freeriding spirit. Erich’s manufacturing skills are unrivaled and his product
is superior to anything I’ve ridden. I have been riding Erichs’ boards for years now and can honestly say I have never broke one! This is a familiar, tried and true shape that you have seen me riding. Relatively simple on the outside with the special ingredients cooked to perfection on the inside. No gimmicks, it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s a forgiving board designed for lots of pop and smooth landings.

Available in 3 sizes a 136cm, 140cm, and 144cm.

Don’t sleep on this opportunity! This is the last time this exact shape will be for sale!

Vala Con Dios,
Randall Harris…

I’d also like to say how excited I am to be working with Randall! I couldn’t ask for a better person to partner up with. As Randall and I are cut from the same cloth… from the same school of thought on riding style, and have the same dreams/ideas for the future of wakeboarding.

These 3 shapes were originally developed under the Company Wake Banner. We really made something special here… and it never reached its potential. This limited run is from that brief, but fresh breath Justin Stevens breathed into the wake industry. This is why it is so limited and special. Once these boards are gone the molds will be destroyed and that chapter will be closed.

Then Randall and I will evolve Mutiny freeboards into its next rendition… Staying true to the original Free-ride movement and making something we can both be proud of… Quality not quantity… Made in the USA.

Happy Landings,
Erich Schmaltz

10 Responses to “Vandall and Mutiny Freeboards”

  1. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    what?!!!? amazingbut only 20? kinda sucks

  2. MWP Says:


  3. Sim Says:

    This is amazing.
    What a collaboration

  4. Jimmy Says:

    I’ll take one. Please contact me at
    I am serious. I just don’t know how to order one because there was no mention of how to get it.

  5. John Douglas Chaney II Says:

    Thank you for visiting! We are currently updating our site.

    We will be back online to serve you for our 2011 PRE-ORDER SALE ! Soon!..

    Thank you for your patience.

  6. gone Says:

    these will be gone in under a minute.

  7. refreshin Says:

    Is it 6pm yet?

  8. Name? Says:

    2011 presale? How’s that gonna work?

  9. steveP Says:

    for $500.00 you’d think they would at least put a graphic on it.

  10. Tommy j Says:

    I like the minimalistic look. I ordered one for me and one for my buddy. Been looking for a left over company forever, so this was perfect timing. Hopefully boots will be out this year too. Company vandals were the bet boots ever. Hopefully they find a way around the lawsuit!


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